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Something Strange and Deadly Read Along Week 3 October 24, 2012

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It’s Week 3 of the Something Strange and Deadly Read Along! I’m really enjoying this book. I hope you all are reading along with us!

1. We’ve watched Eleanor chase after the Dead and after Daniel without hesitation. Do you perceive Eleanor as brave or foolish to act with little thought to consequence?

I see Eleanor as brave. She’s led a very sheltered life yet not only risks injury to herself but her position in society as well as her Mother’s disapproval when she gives chase. That in itself is brave. She cares about her brother Elijah so much she would do anything for him including risk all those things. I think she realizes how much she jeopardizes herself in her pursuit of him and Daniel.

2. Eleanor gets a letter from Elijah to tell her to stop searching for him – that it’s a bad idea and it’s hurting him rather than helping him. Is Eleanor in denial that her brother is working with the necromancer? Or do you think the necromancer is threatening Elijah now that he knows Eleanor is searching for him? 

I’m afraid that Elijah is working with the necromancer. That’s my fear. It’s my hope that he isn’t.

3. We find out the history of Daniel Sheridan in these chapters and that he has quite an interesting connection to the Fitt family that Eleanor never knew about. Were you surprised to find out Daniel’s history in Philadelphia? If you were Eleanor, how would you have taken the news?

I was very surprised to find out more about Daniel’s history. I thought he had a personal history with Clarence not with the Fitt family. My initial reaction would have been to be much angrier then Eleanor. In the end, I would have forgiven him. After all he was manipulated by much older men who had vaster resources.

4. We also find out the real story of the Wilcoxes and that both Clarence and his father have a major connection to the Fitts also. We’re clearly getting closer to solving some of the mysteries that have been building up in the story. What do you make of this connection? How do you think this will affect the climax of the book??

The connection between the Fitts and the Wilcoxes should play a big role in the climax. I think it’s extremely important. I knew I couldn’t trust Clarence! He’s going to be a major role player in the end and it’s not going to be good. His true character is showing.

That’s it for this week’s Read Along questions! See you back here next week for the finish!



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