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It's Monday! What are you reading? December 17, 2012

Posted by thehypermonkey in Book talk.


This Monday meme is held by the The Book Journey. Feel free to join in and tell us what you’re reading!

How To Disappear Completely - Annika Howells

Title: How to Disappear Completely

Author: Annika Howells

Available at: Kindle Barnes and Noble

From Goodreads:

In Greenwood, fitting in is a matter of life and death.

Cynical seventeen-year-old Lycia wakes up in the dark, twisted town of Greenwood, unable to remember how she got there. Aside from her mother, who is trapped in a coma-like sleep, Greenwood’s only other inhabitants are the hostile and eerily identical students who attend the school.

Lycia befriends the school outcasts; the eccentric Aster and his shy companion, Meg. Together they discover a trapdoor into a bizarre, dream-like underworld called Bassisha. When the violence in Greenwood escalates to deadly new heights, Bassisha seems like their only hope of freedom. But Bassisha has dangers of its own.

As madness sets in and reality crumbles, Lycia, Aster and Meg must find a way to escape from a nightmare of their own creation.

I just finished a book last night so I’ll be starting this book today. The author submitted it to me for review and I look forward to reading it. I read a sample of the book awhile ago and I liked it. The premise sounds promising. Lately I’ve read a lot of great books by Indie authors.


Title: Three’s a Crowd

Author: Mary Lydon Simonsen

Available at: Amazon Kindle

From Goodreads:

In Three’s A Crowd, we are introduced to Patrick Shea, a young detective sergeant with the Hampden Criminal Investigation Department, whose career is being fast-tracked by the Metropolitan Police in London. With an eye to an appointment with a murder investigation team at New Scotland Yard, Shea is doing everything by the book. Unfortunately, his love life is a bit of a mess and gets messier when he learns his former lover, Annie Jameson, has been assaulted on someone else’s patch. Will Shea’s involvement in the under-the-radar investigation of his ex-girlfriend put his career in jeopardy and possibly her life as well?


Title: A Killing in Kensington

Author: Mary Lydon Simonsen

Available at: Amazon Kindle

From Goodreads:

Detective Sergeant Patrick Shea of London’s Metropolitan Police and his new partner, Detective Chief Inspector Tommy Boyle, have been handed a high-profile murder case. In the penthouse of Kensington Tower, playboy Clifton Trentmore lay dead with his head bashed in, and the investigation reveals a man who was loathed by both sexes. With too few clues and too many suspects, Shea and Boyle must determine who hated Trentmore enough to kill him. But as Patrick digs deeper, he finds his suspects have secrets of their own.

After How to Disappear Completely, I thought I’d treat myself to a mystery. Three’s a Crowd is the first in the Patrick Shea series and is a novella. It should be a quick read. A Killing in Kensington is the second in the series and is a full-length novel. It’s supposed to be grittier. I can’t wait to read these because I haven’t had a chance to read serious mysteries in awhile.

That should cover me for this week! What are you reading this week?



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