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What does “Akamai” mean?

Akamai means “use your head” or “use your brains”. I like to think I use my brains and use my head when I read and when I write my book reviews. It’s a Hawaiian word.

How does the rating system work?

5 Stars_Star Rating System – This book is a must read, a classic.

4.5 Stars_Star Rating System– This book almost hits the perfect meter!

4 Stars_Star Rating System

– This book is a really great read, truly excellent.

3.5 Stars_Star Rating System– This book has just some minor flaws.

3 Stars_Star Rating System

This book is a good read with some flaws.

2 Stars_Star Rating System–  Overall this book is not recommended.

1 Star_Star Rating System

– Spare yourself the agony.

****A big thanks to Katie Crumpton for my star rating graphics! She did a fabulous job!******

Will you review my book?

If you’re self-published author in one of my favorite genres the answer is most likely yes. Follow the submission guidelines. If not, please give me a try anyway.

Do you review DNF?

Unfortunately I do.  I try to finish all the books I read but sometimes I just can’t. Life’s too short to read a book you don’t truly enjoy.

Do you make money off your blog?

The answer is no. I might become an affiliate of Amazon and Barnes & Noble sometime in the future, but at present I am not.



1. miq - April 5, 2012

Hi! I just nominated you for an award. Check out my post here: http://threedescriptors.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/liebster-blog/

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