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Submission Guidelines

How do I submit a book for review?

Email a book submission for review at thehypermonkey[at]gmail.com for consideration. If I like the sample and I’m interested in reviewing the book, I’ll email you for the review copy and provide an estimate on when the book will be reviewed Otherwise I’ll email you with my mailing address.

Include the following in your email:

(1) “Book Submission – [Title of Book]” on the email subject line.
(2) Send one email per book submission. No multiple submissions from the same author. Authors, if you don’t hear from me, wait 3 months before submitting another book. Please see: Book Format
(3) A link to the book’s Amazon Kindle information or other description. Don’t link us to the sample chapters on your personal site.
(4) Genre
(5) Word Count

Don’t email me the following:

(1) Don’t attach any file and don’t gift us Amazon books unless we ask for it.
(2) Don’t re-submit books even if there is a new cover or edits are made. I’ll only look at the version first sent to me.
(3) Don’t email me repeatedly asking if I’ll review the book. If I’m interested, I’ll email you back.

What books do you focus on?

I focus on Young Adult/Adult books in the following genres:

  • fantasy
  • science fiction
  • paranormal
  • paranormal romance
  • urban fantasy
  • dystopian
  • steampunk.

Occasionally I’ll read a mystery, contemporary literature, or thriller if it’s interesting enough. I very rarely to never read straight up romance books.

I do NOT read Christian or erotica.

What format must my books be in?

Books can be in either Kindle format or in paperback/hardcover. I do not accept books in Audio form or NOOK format at this time.

My book received a bad review, will you take it down?

All reviews are final. Providing a free book doesn’t guarantee a good review. Please read my lower ratings to make sure you can handle my criticisms before you submit your book.

Where do you post your reviews?

I post my reviews here, Good Reads and I try to post them on Amazon.

Please read the FAQ before submitting a book for review!



1. miq - January 19, 2012

Hey-o! I love reading your reviews. They’re awesome. And in so being awesome, I put your blog down on a blog award list.

akamaireader - January 19, 2012

thank you! i’m honored!

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