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Review – Naoko April 19, 2012

Posted by thehypermonkey in 5 stars, Foreign, Literature.
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by Keigo Higashino

Heisuke faces a terrible tragedy when his wife is killed in a ski bus accident and his daughter is left in a coma. Only when his daughter Monami wakes up she seems to think she’s his wife Naoko.

This book was described as a black comedy and it was certainly black. There are moments your heart aches for the couple as they try to navigate their way through life in their different roles. Not as wife and husband but as father and daughter. This isn’t your typical Freaky Friday novel with comical twists and turns, there are very serious moments with very serious “what if’s”.

The story is bound for a sad end and you know it. You just don’t know exactly how it ends. The way it did end surprised me though. In fact, this book surprised me all the way through. I was surprised at how well it was written. I was surprised at the life-like turn of events. I was also surprised at how realistically the characters reacted to each chain of events.

As an American debut novel to his much loved The Devotion of Suspect X , this book does not disappoint. It made me take a second look at how I look at love and devotion. I can unequivocally say I loved this book.



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