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Blog Tour – Full Blooded September 4, 2012

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I’m pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour for Full Blooded and to have Amanda Carlson on the blog. You can see my review for  Blooded,the novella here and Full Blooded,the second book here.

 1. What catapulted you into writing urban fantasy versus the other fantasy genres?

I actually began writing romance, took classes, joined my local writing chapters and started a manuscript (I even emailed Susan Elizabeth Phillips for advice, LOL! My only excuse was I was eager and new to the computer). From there I went to non-fiction, writing cute stories about my kids. It wasn’t until about four years ago when I picked up a YA urban fantasy that I became hooked in the genre. I’d always loved Anne Rice and the occasional fantasy, but after I finished that YA, I knew there was more out there. I found urban fantasy, jumped in, and a few years later I was itching to write the story I wanted to read. Three years after THAT, here I am!

2. If you had to write another genre, what would it be and why?

I did love writing romance, so an easy jump would be steamy PNR. But I’d also love to try my hand at Steampunk. I’m riveted by that sub genre. The world building must be amazing to write. My fingers are twitching! I’m so in love with fantasy, I don’t think I could write any “regular” stuff at the moment. The excitement keeps me going.

3. If you could sit down with your favorite author who would it be? What would you say?

Dead or alive?? Dead, I’d love to sit and have tea with Georgette Heyer. I LOVE her work. Alive, it would have to be Charlaine Harris. I saw her speak at the RT Convention last year and she was a hoot. Very engaging and totally funny. That would be awesome.

4. What’s your writing process?

I write best in the morning. I’m a total pantser (no plotting, just running with the story), so I write linear, all the way through and then go back and fix it all. So far, it’s working great.

5. Who was your inspiration for Jessica McClain?

Nobody in particular! I have found that I’m not very visual when it comes to my stories. I don’t focus on the face or features, it’s more of a combination of who she is, her voice, her actions, her movements. She came screaming into my head and that was it. I had to know the story. But she came all on her own.

6. If Jessica had a favorite band, who would it be?

At the moment Kings of Leon. She’d think they were young, but she loves how they rock.

Thanks so much for hosting me on my tour! I’m so excited to launch the series and introduce Jessica McClain to the world. Thanks for helping me do just that.


Thanks to Amanda Carlson for the interview! 

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Review – Full Blooded August 29, 2012

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Title: Full Blooded

Author: Amanda Carlson

Publication Date: September 11, 2012

Publisher: Orbit

ISBN-13: 978-0316205207

Available at: Amazon Kindle Barnes and Noble


At twenty-six years old Jessica McClain has finally made the full change into a female werewolf. The problem is she’s the only female werewolf in existence. Can she escape the prophecy that signifies she’s the doom of the werewolves?  And can she escape those that wish to simply own her for being so unique?


I loved the novella Blooded. (See my review here.) I was eagerly anticipating Full Blooded and I even pre-ordered it, so when Amanda Carlson asked me if I wanted an advance copy of the book I was ecstatic.

Let’s start with the whole female werewolf thing. It’s rare to see an author touch upon a heroine who’s a werewolf so well. It’s being done more and more lately, but it was really done well in this book. She wasn’t dependent on changing with the full moon. Her wolf was more like an alter ego that she could  communicate with. The werewolves also had a limited telepathic ability I thought was a nice addition. Needless to say I was impressed.

As far as Jessica goes, I really liked her. She had a direct was of handling her problems that I admired. Here she was, the lone female werwewolf in a pack of werewolves not to mention the supernatural community and she handled it. She kept her cool during the most stressful of times. She had a lot of fight in her. Almost obstinately so. At one point Rourke had to pull her kicking and screaming from a fight she had no chance of winning.

So let’s get to Rourke. He came along later in the book and he was a treat. Maybe it was because he was such a late addition there wasn’t as much character development as I would have liked. With the other characters I felt I knew them more because I had been introduced to them either in the novella or earlier in the book. Rourke was still fun to read about as he was commanding and sexy. I’m looking forward to reading more about him in future books.

I also really liked the vampires. They weren’t your run of your mill vampires and they weren’t of the glamorous sexy variety either. They definitely had a horrific element to them. Add in witches and you have a very exciting UF book!

The end of the book does leave you hanging and wanting more. So consider yourself warned. The next book, Hot Blooded is due out on April 13, 2013 and I’m already eagerly awaiting it.

*A free copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

Review – Jessica McClain: Blooded June 17, 2012

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Title: Jessica McClain: Blooded

Author: Amanda Carlson

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Orbit

Publish Date: April 11, 2012


Available at: AmazonBarnes and Noble


Jessica was born to the Alpha Werewolf of the Pack. Not only is she the only female, she’s human. She’s been called Daughter of Cain, a witch, a curse by superstitious werewolves. Now that  she’s nineteen she decides to take her fight to the ring. Hopefully her fight will win her freedom off the compound.


This short novella was action-packed. From the first moments in the ring to the last moments of the story, it was filled to the brim with violence. It’s not that it was gory, it was just heart-stopping thrills.

Jessica is fighting for freedom from the werewolves who are threatening her life at the Compound. Her father doesn’t want to let her go. She shows a level-head and a strength of will that I admire.

This is a wonderful prelude to the full-length book Full Blooded. You’re given a taste of their world and of the independence of spirit Jessica has. For such a short novella this was also a very satisfying read, although the teaser of Full Blooded at the end was a little hard for me to take. I’ll have to wait  for September for it to come out!