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Stacking the Shelves (25) December 1, 2012

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Red Madrassa - 1200x800

Oxford Whispers byMarion Croslydon

Wide Awake by Danielle Lanzarotta

Triangle: False Mirror by D.G. Speirs

The  Cloud Roads by Martha Wells

Royal Flush by Scott Bartlett

Demon Kissed by H.M. Ward

The Pale Hand of God by S.M. White

Red Madrassa by Terah Edun

Wow! I got a lot of books this week! It didn’t feel like it was a lot at the time.  I actually bought books this book, but I did get one book that was free. Oxford Whispers was free. It has a Voodoo twist in the heart of Oxford. I thought that was intriguing. The rest of the books I bought were all under three dollars. I think I can afford that!

Wide Awake is a young adult paranormal romance. Kayla starts seeing ghosts and finds that Hunter can see them too. It leads to all kinds of wild shennanigans that I can’t even begin to understand having not read the book. I’ve seen mention of “The Fallen” which make me believe there are angels? But there’s also an Academy? So we shall see.

Triangle: False Mirror looks Really Good! Two people end up with Talents through personal tragedy. Now they’re chasing a killer and that chase leads them on an adventure with even more serious ramifications. The super secret organization Triangle is after the same killer and the killer is after Triangle’s deadliest weapon.

It’s been likened to a Joss Whedon/CW show hybrid. It’s supposed to be a rowdy adventure story and I can’t wait to read it. I paid the most for it out of all my books but I think it should be worth it. If it’s not I’m going to hurl my Kindle across the room against the wall and curse the author to the nine shades of hell.

Well. Maybe not.

I found out about the next book from one of the blogs I read. I should have made a not of which blog, but I’m a terrible person and I read too many blogs thus I forgot. The Cloud Roads is about winged shape-shifters. One in particular that has had to live among other species his whole life and has grown up wary and distrustful as a  result. When he’s finally united with his own species he has a hard time connecting with them because he can’t let his guard down due to his distrustful nature. Little does he know, he plays an important part in a power struggle within the colony. He also doesn’t know that his species face extinction.

Demon Kissed is about a demon caller that resits the urge because her mother couldn’t and that sent her into hell. Unfortunately due to dire financial straits, she’s forced to start demon calling to stay afloat. There’s also a romance element. She falls in love with “the enemy”.   I hope it doesn’t come off too forced or too tawdry. We’ll just have to see.

Royal Flush is a book submission, as are The Pale Hand of God and Red Madrassa. The three books couldn’t be any more different though. Royal Flush is a fantasy comedy. It’s about an incompetent Kind and his fiddler as they stave off  a siege while the King tries to steal away the fiddler’s girlfriend. I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not I’d like a comedy but I read a sample and I enjoyed it.

The Pale Hand of God is a dark fantasy adventure about a warrior in a prison city fighting for his freedom.The Red Madrassa is a young adult fantasy adventure that has a complicated plot. Click on the link to find out more. It looks really good and I enjoyed the sample I read.

Phew! That was a lot of books! I hope you enjoyed hearing about them. Maybe you’ll decide to get one yourself! Maybe you’ll wait until I review them. 😉

Either way, that does it for this week’s Stacking the Shelves. See you next week and have a great weekend!



1. Lee - December 1, 2012

Love that beautiful cover on the Wells book. And just downloaded Oxford Whispers. Looks great!

akamaireader - December 1, 2012

Oh yes, the Well and the Ward book. Who says you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? I often get sways by my book choices by its cover.

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