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Review – By Darkness Revealed July 22, 2012

Posted by thehypermonkey in 4.5 stars, Urban Fantasy.
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Title: By Darkness Revealed

Author: Kevin O. McLaughlin

Series: Blackwell Magic

Publisher: Role of the Hero Publishing

Publish Date: August 6, 2011

ASIN: B005G8L3X4

Available at: AmazonBarnes and Noble


Ryan Blackwell has fled to a military school in Vermont after a rift with his family, not caring if his sorcery is never to be used again. Only he finds out that the school is situated upon a major nexus of leylines. Soon he’s embroiled in a situation where he’ll need all his wits and magic about him.


I have to admit I was surprised with this book. When I started reading it, I forgot what it was about. Therefore I had no preconceived of notions of what it should have been about. I was really surprised at how good it was instead.

Blackwell is a freshman at a strict military school. He’s trying to escape his family and their sorcery. He’s just trying to keep his nose out of trouble when he finds himself in situations where he has to use his magic. I was able to completely immerse myself in the story of how he worked his way out of danger time and time again. I lost myself as he flung himself out of harm’s way here and there.

Ryan is smart and yet he’s humble. Yet he’s still confident. He’s resourceful and he’s creative. I loved spending time with him. I wouldn’t have minded him for a kid brother. There isn’t  a romantic interest in the story but I didn’t mind that.

I loved how quickly the book moved along. I was never bored. It was never dull. Yet there was always enough detail to keep you completely informed. The book never felt abbreviated or shortened. It was a complete story for a novella. There wasn’t even a teaser for the next book, which I liked. I enjoyed this book so much I really did want to keep on reading more of Ryan and his exploits anyway.



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