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Review – Queen of Chaos July 20, 2012

Posted by thehypermonkey in 4 stars, Sci-Fi.
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Title: Queen of Chaos

Series: Sequoyah Trilogy, Book Three

Author: Sabrina Chase

Publication Date: September 2012

Publisher: Worlds Away Press

Available at: Worlds Away Press


With Seqouyah in imminent danger of attack from Toren, Moire Cameron has no time to for Crabs. Crabs is what she has to deal with though and more then she had bargained for.

How will she deal with Toren when she has to deal with the Crabs as well?


Queen of Chaos lived up to its title. It was just a little chaotic. Not to the point of bewilderment or anything, but just enough to keep things interesting and exciting. There was the ceeyo of Kulvar to deal with, there were the Crabs, Toren, and Fleet. All of them wanted a piece of Moire. It added up to a spicy mix of adventure and mayhem.

It took me much longer to read this last book of the trilogy. I wanted to savor it and prolong the experience. It was hard to do since it was so action packed. There were fights in space stations, fights in space, and fights planetside. It was hard to put this book down.

The Crabs were explored further in this book and they were an extremely interesting addition. They had a big purpose as well as being very intriguing as not only a race but as a culture. I liked how in-depth the author went with them.

The fights in space were so much fun. The descriptions of the ships were so well done I could easily imagine myself there or watching as if in a movie. I bet George Lucas would have so much fun with this!

If there’s one flaw it’s the characters. Although they stayed true to form in this book, they weren’t further developed in this book. They didn’t seem to grown. There is one scene where Ennis confides in Moire about something of his past. That seems to give him more dimension. Everything else is static. Moire still struggles with her position as leader. Alan is still a man-child. I would have liked to have seen more character development.

Taken for the whole, the book was very good though. I just wish I could keep reading about this wonderful world.



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