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Review – Demon Demon Burning Bright July 18, 2012

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Title: Demon Demon Burning Bright

Author: Linda Welch

Series: Whisperings Paranormal Mystery

Publisher: Linda Welch

Publication Date:  January 12, 2012


Available at: AmazonBarnes and Noble

From Goodreads: “I would tear the world apart for Rio. Would you do the same for Royal?”

Royal disappears. He is a demon with inhuman abilities who moves between worlds at will. He could be anywhere. He leaves me a clue that takes me to Bel-Athaer, home of the Gelpha, but the High House councilors kick me out.

I’m going back in. I’ll find the mysterious Seer who sent Royal a message, and while I’m there I’ll do my damndest to save the young High Lord from the Burning Man and find the boy’s missing companion, and at the same time elude assassins who are after my ass.

I need backup, someone as strong and fast as Gelpha. Of all the shit crazy things I’ve done, returning to Bel-Athaer in the company of a Dark Cousin and an egotistical Gelpha is high on the list.

I won’t tear a world apart, but you can bet I’ll turn it on its ear.


The fourth book of the Whisperings series started out well. Royal has disappeared in mysterious circumstances. I ached to find out why. Tiff was shaping up to be on her best behavior. She set out to find Royal no matter what the cost. She was brave. She was resourceful. She contacted the Dark Cousin Gia and found a way into Gelpha. They’re all set to brave the land in an uneasy truce together.

Everything sounds great right? Until Chris Plowman walks in and all of a sudden he’s stealing kisses from Tiff! Say what? Say again? What the hell? She’s supposed to be determined to find her lover. She’s supposed to be lovelorn! Instead she’s falling into someone else’s lap? I’m really not looking forward to a love triangle!

Gia is as mysterious as ever. A lot of questions about her and the Dark Cousins are answered but a lot of questions are left open. She’ll remain an enigma I suppose.

The world of the Gelpha had one or two landscape scenes that were noteworthy but most of it past by unnoticed. The people were what caught my attention more then anything and I wish that the world building had been a little bit more complete.

The villain was a rather sorry fellow. He turned out to be nothing more then a bag of tricks. I find it hard to believe that the Gelpha were fooled for centuries by sleight-of-hand. I was a little disappointed.

Tiff’s background filled out more in this book and it was definitely intriguing and imaginative. I’m interested in seeing where it goes from here on out. It’ll also be interesting to see what she does with what she knows.

I really enjoyed this book despite its flaws. I enjoyed reading about Tiff as she roared through the Gelpha terrain on a mission to rescue Royal. The book was action-packed and it was fun. There was nice tension to the plot.  The mystery of Tiff’s birth was interesting. There were a couple other sub-plots that were equally interesting making this book a worthwhile read.



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