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It's Monday! What are you reading? (8) June 18, 2012

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This Monday meme is held by the The Book Journey. Feel free to join in and tell us what you’re reading!

Title: Pemberley to Waterloo

Author: Anna Elliott

Available at: Amazon

From Publisher:

Can their love withstand the trials of war?

Georgiana Darcy and Edward Fitzwilliam want only to be together. But when the former Emperor Napoleon escapes from his exile on the Isle of Elba, Britain is plunged into renewed war with France … and Edward is once more called away to fight.

To be with the man she loves, Georgiana makes the perilous journey to Brussels, in time to witness the historic downfall of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. But when Edward is gravely injured in the battle, she will need more courage than she ever knew she had to fight for their future together.

Pemberley to Waterloo is the sequel to Georgiana Darcy’s Diary and is Book 2 of the Pride and Prejudice Chronicles.  It is appropriate for all ages.

I’m still pleasure reading. I finished the first volume, Georgiana Darcy’s Diary yesterday and I really enjoyed it.  In fact I’ve enjoyed all the continuations of Pride and Prejudice that I’ve read. Maybe I’m just not picky.

I really like reading about Georigana Darcy though. She was one of my favorite supporting characters in Pride and Prejudice. She was always so sweet and there was something so special about her. If Jane Austen were to ever have written a sequel I swear she would have picked Georgiana to write about.

The book I’m going to read after this one is a continuation of Sense and Sensibility. You don’t find too many of those. I grabbed it as soon as I found it. It’s called Willoughby’s Return. It takes place about 3 years after Marianne’s marriage to Colonel Brandon, Willoughby reenters Marianne’s life charming as ever. Will Marianne fall in love with him all over again? Will she become unfaithful to Colonel Brandon? Those are the questions that the book answers.

Those are good questions too. Marianne was so young when she got married. Colonel Brandon was so much older. You have to wonder if she ever regretted the marriage or if their age difference ever became a problem. She was also so vivacious and he was so staid and stoic. Did that ever become a bone of contention? Did she truly grow to appreciate those qualities in him that she once despised?

It should be an interesting read. In the meantime I’ll be reading about Georgiana Darcy and her cousin, Edward Fitzwilliam. For what it’s worth, I do publish mini-reviews of the Jane Austen fan fiction books on Goodreads if  anyone is interested.

What are you reading?



1. Rebecca - June 18, 2012

I hadn’t heard of the Pemberly to Waterloo books but they look like great selections for Jane Austen fans- and who isn’t an Austen fan? Happy Reading!
Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

akamaireader - June 18, 2012

I know! What’s not to love about Austen?!

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