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Review: Thirst June 10, 2012

Posted by thehypermonkey in 4 stars, Urban Fantasy.
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Title: Thirst

Author: Claire Farrell

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Claire Farrell

Publish Date: November 28, 2010


Available at: Amazon Barnes and Noble

Summary:  (There may be some spoilers in this review.)

Ava Delaney is a hybrid vampire/human who is the only one of her kind. She has hidden herself away from the world, but when she accidentally enthralls a human in order to save him from a vampire, she’ll be forced to interact with people like never before.  Between bloodthirsty vampires and a human who’s hellbent on believing she’s a monster it’s more then she’s ever bargained for.


Thirst is the first book in the Ava Delaney series and it got off to a great start. Ava is constantly thirsting for blood. She’s a ball of nerves over it. What does she do to combat her thirst? She counts. I found that totally endearing.

Then there was Carl, the man she enthralled. She took care of him. She made sure she didn’t feed off of him and she was protective of him. Unlike some critics, I didn’t see any signs of a love connection there at all.  Besides it would have been taking advantage of him. He was essentially drugged the whole time.

There were definite signs of a crush with Peter obviously. It was spelled out for you. He was definitely an intriguing character. I liked all the facets to him. You could tell he had his vulnerabilities yet he was very ruthless.

Then there was Eddie. He was an enigma. He had so many layers to his character. He was at once fatherly, then he was doing things that made you question his motives. Eddie is definitely a mystery.

The vampires in this book are great. I mentioned them earlier on the blog. They’re not shiny and pretty, they’re ugly and mottled and violent! Nothing about them is romantic in any way. They’re quite monstrous. I enjoy that about them.  I feel like that’s how vampires should be.

To get the spell taken off of Carl it takes Ava and company on one wild turn after another. The spills never stop. It was one heart-stopping moment after another.

My one gripe is that this takes place in Ireland but this could actually take place in any city in the world. It has a generic world building effect and I was disappointed that there wasn’t more done with it.

This is an action packed novella and it reads very quickly. You can see the set up for the next book quite well but it doesn’t stop this book from being satisfying in and of itself.  Ava Delaney is a heroine to look out for.



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