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Review – Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict May 15, 2012

Posted by thehypermonkey in 3.5 stars, Fantasy.
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TitleConfessions of a Jane Austen Addict

Author: Laurie Viera Rigler

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Publisher: Plume

Publication Date:  August 2, 2007

Available at: Amazon  – Barnes and Noble

Courtney Stone awakens to find herself not only in Regency-era England but also in the body of Miss Jane Mansfield. This 21st Century Jane Austen addict needs all her wits to try and maneuver herself around the ins and outs of the courtship of Mr. Edgeworth and the machinations of Mrs. Mansfield. Her adventures take her to picturesque Bath and the bustling London where she encounters her heroine Jane Austen herself.

This lighthearted book was exactly that, a lighthearted read. It wasn’t meant to be taken in a serious vein. Courtney’s humorous quips had me smiling as I imagined any 21st century girl in her situation doing the same. Although critics would retort that as a Jane Austen addict she should know have known better.

Case in point, when a woman remarked to her about  place that was Hargrove Court, Courtney replied with “the retirement home?”  I can’t help but think that Courtney was being sarcastic, but maybe I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

There were unanswered questions in the book. Such as how the real Jane Mansfield knew about certain events in the 21st century. That was never developed but maybe that will be developed in the subsequent book. Again, maybe I give Rigler the benefit of the doubt.

Another glaring question came at the end when you were left wondering how exactly the situation resolved itself. I was left with more questions then answers and that’s never satisfying.

I do think that although Courtney confessed to reading Austen over twenty times, she wasn’t an avid scholar of her works. She did confess to reading Austen for the familiarity of her words over anything else. I think that explains her gaps in knowledge when it came to certain aspects of Regency life.

I admit to growing tired of Courtney’s reiterations of getting back to her time and her non-acceptance of her situation. She also tended to harp overly much on her choice of men to the point of whining. Other then that I enjoyed her character. She showed spunk in an otherwise impossible situation.

As a fun and humorous read to be taken without a serious light, I did enjoy this book.



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