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Review – The Fall of the Haunted City February 23, 2012

Posted by thehypermonkey in 4 stars, Fantasy.
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The Fall of the Haunted City

by A. D. Bloom

Molly must learn to rule the Haunted City. Instead the people fear and hate her. The Hales are on the way to attack. Molly desperately tries to save the Haunted City; along with Juan Chang, leader of the Populist Rebellion, Teddy-Da, a witch-altered vorpal clawed bear, and some vengeful noble Waltons.

While this was a more plot-driven novella, I enjoyed this second installment a lot more then I did the first one. The different characters introduced made it a lot more interesting despite the fact they weren’t very well fleshed out.

I liked the imaginative plot devices used throughout the book. Some were a continuation from the first book that I liked but took more notice of this time around. Some were introduced in the second book. I especially liked the eight-foot tall nobles!

I’m looking forward to reading the third installment. I do wish these weren’t novellas though, I’d rather they were full-length novels.



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