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Well of Sorrows February 13, 2012

Posted by thehypermonkey in 5 stars, Fantasy.
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Colin Harten and his parents fled across the ocean to escape the Family wars in Andover. But trouble follows them and their fellow refugees to this new land, forcing them to abandon the settled areas for unexplored territory. It is here that they face even more mysterious beings and dangers. Now Colin must use the powers of the Well of Sorrows to survive-and bring peace to this troubled land.

Although there were many pivotal events to begin with, I wouldn’t say it was action packed. Instead the story built up to a crescendo. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of.

The story was also very surprising. I thought it would head in one direction then it would boom into another. Tate (the pen name of Joshua Palmatier) always had you on your heels because you never knew what might happen next.

As for the characters? They were a delightful cast that were like a rich stew that had simmered for hours on end. They had depth and they were vibrant and full of life. From the moment I started reading about Colin, he practically leapt off the page at me.

The world building was amazing as well. There were three dominant races. The Dwarren, the Alvritshai, and the Humans. The environment and the detail given to the Dwarren and Alritshai were impressive. The Humans and their culture had enough detail that I could almost experience the towns where the events transpired.

Magic isn’t inherent in the world of Tate’s, which makes it all the more special when it does appear. I thought this was a very special touch in a fantasy novel when magic has become all the more prevalent in such stories. The ingenuity given to the storyline was also remarkable.

I enjoyed this book so much that since the next book isn’t in Kindle format I ordered the paperback. This is truly a rare occurrence for me. I never read anything in paper anymore. It’s a true testament to how much I enjoyed this book.

5 stars



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