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The Great Convergence February 9, 2012

Posted by thehypermonkey in 4 stars, Fantasy.
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The Great Convergence

by Joseph Lallo

(also available on NOOK)

From Amazon:

The second in the Book of Deacon series, The Great Convergence continues the tale of young Myranda Celeste. With fresh knowledge of magic and steadfast resolve to see the end of the war that plagues her land, Myranda sets out to find and unite the five fated heroes, the Chosen. Each new warrior brings her world a step closer to peace, but does she have the strength to survive the trials ahead?

In the start of the second book, I found Myranda to be rather naive and petulant. In fact, I found her childish and annoying. It made it very hard to enjoy the book.

I also found the beginning of the book slow to start. That and the fact that the heroine was being such a prude made it hard to read.

After that troublesome start, things looked up for the better. In fact, things got considerably better. Enough so that it made up for the beginning.

The book took unexpected twists and turns in the plot that left me wondering what in the world Lallo would do next. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, things did get worse. It definitely wasn’t a light fantasy. This added to the high drama of the story and I loved it.

As in the first book, Lallo did a good job switching from one perspective to another. I always thought this was something of an art form. If the author can do this without making the reader dizzy and in an effective manner. It’s something of an art.

The book does end on a cliffhanger. Luckily the third book is already out. Just make sure you have it handy!

4 of 5 stars



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