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The Gossamer Gate January 18, 2012

Posted by thehypermonkey in 4 stars, Fantasy.
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The Gossamer Gate by Wendy L. Callahan is a Kindle freebie I found on Ereader IQ.

Kiara is a 25-year-old witch who owns her own new age shop and is quite an independent modern woman. She’s also in love with her best friend of many years. Unfortunately it’s an unrequited love.

She’s also committed a crime against a prince of the Fae nine years ago. That crime comes back to haunt her and she must pay for it in the form of  a quest. She’s forced into the Otherworld where she must find her way to the Gossamer Gate, which will lead her back to the mortal world with one more catch. Someone she loves must be waiting for her. Not any ordinary love, but a soul-mate.  Despite the fact that the cards are stacked against her, she soldiers on.

Along the way, she meets up with another fae, Liam. He becomes her protector. Yet she never truly trusts him even though she wants to.

The Fae in this book are depicted as great and terrible creatures. Not light and airy creatures of fun and games. I much prefer Callahan’s Fae. They are creatures of power. They shouldn’t be trifled with.

This story has a lot of adventure in it. More then enough to satisfy me. It also has a good dose of romance in it. Not too saccharine sweet though. I found there was a good balance between the two.

There was a good pace to the book and the style of writing was easy to get into. However taking that into account that the book was free and that it was a debut novel, it was a just a bit unpolished. Having said all of that, I enjoyed it enough to finish it in two days. Of course I’ve been doing a lot of that of late, so that might not be a reflection on the book’s merits.

I really enjoyed the character Kiara. She was one of the more enjoyable female protagonists I’ve come across in awhile. She had spunk and she had femininity in spades. It’s hard to find a good blending of those traits in a female character.

Liam was also a character I enjoyed. He was sexy, he was mysterious. He was a Faerie. What more can I say? I have a weak spot for mysterious mystical men like that.  He wasn’t too domineering either. He gave rather then took. I think I’m half in love with him myself.

As for Sean, who wouldn’t want a guy rushing into the Otherworld to save you? With no magic of his own at that, just his wits to survive. That’s pretty romantic.

I’m no fan of romance, but this book had me getting gooey and touchy feely without meaning to. That spells a good book in my opinion. It might have even opened my mind to the benefits of a good romance every now and then. There’s a shocker!

4 of 5 stars.



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